Tips for Small Streamers

So you are in need of tips on how to grow on Twitch?

LUCKY YOU! I am here to help!

*This site is best used on a desktop*

Let's split this into three categories.

  1. Top 5 General Tips

  2. Interactivity is Key

  3. Stream Quality (and how you can improve yours)

  4. Lightning

  5. Camera

First off I recommend watching this 8 min long video of my top 5 tips for streamers.

AMAZING! Now you know the basics time to get into programs that have helped me make my streams more interactive. Remember this is key as a streamer.

I live by this program called Lumia Stream. You can watch both these video to get a better understanding of what it is and how I use it.

I cannot tell you enough how fun this makes my streams! I have it as a SUB only perk which is another encouragement for people to subscribe to my channel.

A simple and inexpensive way to make your streams more interactive is using your channel points. I explain it all in this video.

Next up ask yourself " Would I spend my free time watching my own stream? " What are you bringing to the table and is you content at its max quality? (at least that you can afford) PLEASE PLEASE do not wait until you have the perfect equipment to stream! Start with what you have and slowly invest as you see more success on your streaming journey.

Here are some lightning hacks I have used to make my streams look more professional.

Now on to my FAV ring light! You can find it here and it only $22!

Time to talk about improving your camera and camera quality. You may not even it now it but your GPU may be able to run NVIDA Broadcast. And this is a great way to get you regular stream camera. Here is how you can do it. (I use a Logitech C920 You can find it here)

If you have a DSLR camera gathering dust like I did (I used to be into photography) you can add this a a secondary camera! I use two different camera angles when I stream and it makes it more unique. I use a Canon EOS T6i.

Here is how to set it up and how I use mine!

After watching these videos I hope you have a better understanding on what to work on as a smaller twitch streamer. Make sure to follow me on TikTok and YouTube for more tips and content. Feel free to also DM me on Instagram if you have more personal questions.

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