PC Building 101

We were all as confused as you are now and it is OKAY!

Building your first PC can be one of the scariest things! However, it’s just like anything else practice makes perfect. Let me tell you, you will break some parts and mess up (I even had a PC start smoking) but hey I learned from it!

You probably have no idea where to start well you are in the right place! I have a YouTube video of me building my most recent PC and giving tips and tricks.

I also have another video of my first ever pc build. ( You can see the growth )

I started by watching YouTube videos on other people building PC’s! Start to familiarize yourself with the terms and how parts work together. Everything feels like a whole new language but trust me it gets easier.

Here are my top three YouTubers I feel I learned the most from.

Linus Tech Tips



My recommendation is to continue to watch content similar to the ones I have shown. Spend a couple of months learning and studying until you feel confident enough to start looking for your own parts. Use PC Part Picker to double-check if your PC parts are compatible. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are buying your parts.

How to stay within your budget?

PRICE MATCH! PRICE MATCH! Most of my parts were bought from Microcenter and priced match to the cheapest place sold which in most cases was amazon! This helped me save money, even if it is a couple of dollars they add up! Best Buy also price matches. Buying used parts can be good but risky. You really have to feel confident in knowing how to check that the parts are working and have not been overused. If something has been overclocked I recommend not to buy it the risk is even more. Plan and research what time of year sales are at their best. For example black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Happy Building! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or any of my other social media with any questions!

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