Make your dream gaming set up a reality!

Here is how my setup looked a couple of months ago. In this video I give you tips for your own setup!

Since then it has been upgraded. To this

Here is my older gaming set up.


My current main monitor is ASUS ROG STRIX XG279Q 27” 170HZ


Your wallpaper will go a long way in making your setup look unique. I personally love the Wallpaper Engine. (found on stream for $3.99)

When having multiple monitors you can have a lot of fun with your wallpaper here is how I make mine look as if it were only one monitor.


I have spray-painted many of my parts! I know sounds a bit scary but I had a lot of fun doing it!

This Lian Li 011 Razer edition is one of my favorites! It only comes in black so I took it apart and made it white! (since RGB bounces off white more)

I have also painted monitors and microphone.

Here are the tutorials:

Budget Equipment


You do not always have to go for the most fancy and expensive equipment if you are on a budget.

Ring Light:

This ring light is from amazon and is one so easy to use and super handy when streaming!

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