Growing on TikTok Could Make You a Success

Updated: May 4, 2021

What is the secret to success on TikTok?

I was lucky to interview VbunnyGO and her husband Hambone who is their manager. They have over one million followers! Check her content out she makes amazing VR Gaming content.

Here are our tips put together.

Know your audience

Make sure you know your demographics, what time the most people are active that follow you and what your audience expects from you. This is why niche content is important to follow. (you can still post off niche videos here and there) Your audience follows you based on the content you upload. If you post about PC and gaming then all of a sudden post about cars your audience will feel thrown off. Set your expectations for your audience and exceed them with your content.


Talk with confidence and talk loud! If you do not feel confident in the content you are making your audience will be able to tell. Fake it at the beginning if you have to, then try to find ways you can feel more comfortable in what your content revolves around. What worked for me was taking time to get ready to do my make-up, while doing my make up I would listen to podcasts on growing self-confidence. Trust me this goes a long way! Learn to make better content put in the time to learn about lightning, editing, and the topic of your videos. This will make you feel much better and help you grow as a content creator.


The way you edit and record your TikToks matter! Your first three seconds are the most important of your video. If they are not a hook or relatable your video will not perform as well. What can you do for the first three seconds? Ask a question, use phrases like “let me show YOU...” “What if I told YOU…” Using YOU is very important as it triggers your viewers to expect relatable information for them. After doing this you must deliver what your viewer expects. Editing with a shock factor is also great! Tell a story, give advice, or make someone laugh.

Post as Much as You Can

"Post 3-5 Times a Day” You have probably heard this all over TikTok and it may be true but to a certain extent. When posting on TikTok it’s about posting stuff you enjoy and that means something. When trying to record, edit and push out so much content in one day you have to learn to post videos that are not perfect and ease out of the “Instagram” mentality. Now, what is this “Instagram” mentality? Perfection and only showing the good. TikTok works in a manner where you have to forget what perfection is and JUST POST! Waiting to edit the perfect video or feel like a video is not good enough should not be a reason you do not post. Instead, post and gain feedback by practice and doing. You can always re-upload a video. Engagement will always matter more than posting. Make sure to engage with your audience and reply to comments. JUST POST! Please do not wait to keep finding excuses on why not to post. You will learn along the way and find what works for you and your audience.

“Do not care about the views they are short term, instead think long term”

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