Call me Cala for short!


Being Latina is something I hold close to my heart. I am a first-generation Mexican-American from Denver, CO. I want for my fellow people of color feel and believe that they can accomplish anything they set their mind too. YES it will be more challenging but we are here to support each other. 

No matter what challenges come your way I believe it's best to look at them as an opportunity to grow as a person and challenge yourself. Regardless of the challenges, you face whether it is a mental illness, financial stability, or family problems I want my community to feel safe and supported. 

My road to success is not a secret and I share this with my community to help them grow as streamers, content creators, and as individuals. I want to share want I have learned, struggled with, and succeed with. I love giving PC tech, gaming, and streaming tips. 

There is always someone out there that believes in you, and that has to begin with yourself. 

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From a very young age, I have dreamed of being a Youtuber or a Streamer. I have finally decided to pursue my dream. My goal is to inspire others while I follow my dream.  I focus my content around how choosing to take a non-traditional career path can lead to success when you are dedicated and seek the correct knowledge. 



I mainly focus on making content for TikTok and Twitch. I stream weekly and play VALORANT and other games with views and friends. While I stream on TikTok & Twitch my biggest focus is always putting my audience first and making sure they feel right at home. My YouTube channel focuses on tips and advice for other streamer and content creators. Something that differentiates my content is that I have a BFA in Digital Design with an emphasis in Branding. I want to share what I have learned as a graduate student from the University of  Colorado Denver with my audience.



My brand is inspired by my Mexican Culture. Calaverita translates to Sugar Skull in Spanish. I have always loved day of the dead and appreciated my traditions. When people see my logo I want them to instantly feel connected to my culture. I identify as a Latina content creator and make sure that comes across.