It looks like I caught your attention *insert evil laugh*. Since my TikTok video application led you here, I hope you further explore my website, along with my career and thesis. On this website, you can find all my socials and some of my biggest accomplishments. I hope I get to leave this #100ThievesIntern page on my website and expand it as I learn more as an intern with you.



My thesis was a year-long project I developed during my senior year of college. I graduated from CU Denver with a BFA in Digital Design. I started pursuing content creation during my senior year. I began to see enormous growth and as I learned more about branding and content creation in school. I started sharing what I learned from trial and error with others. (This is where my blog and TikTok play a big part.) Putting my skills as a designer to work and incorporating them with my TikTok videos paid off, and I started to notice how my social media were performing better as my brand grew. But, you know what the best part of this was? More importantly, with the confidence boost it gave me, I saw myself becoming a role model for other women. If a first-generation Latina can find success in gaming, then everyone else should feel like that can accomplish a career in gaming. I am Mexican-American, and telling my parents I wanted to pursue a career in the gaming industry was not easy! I was so scared of failure, but like Matt's father says, "nothing in life comes easy." My parents did not immigrate to the United States for me to not find success in my career. They are one of the reasons why I thrive on finding success in my passions. Yes, I got a little sidetracked, but I am very proud of who I am and what I represent. Back to my thesis! Essentially I found that one of my goals was to help and inspire others. So I revolved a year's worth of research which you can find in my  Design Thesis Process Book.  I had tons of fun working on this project, and I continue to develop it further. Having this experience as your intern would be a fantastic experience to add to my thesis and resume.



One of my most significant accomplishments (so far, of course) is collaborating with ASUS and SOAR Gaming. You can find more on it here. I was in charge of making multiple YouTube Videos, Instagram posts and reels, and Twitter posts. It was an experience full of learning! My favorite part was that I built a new PC, and ASUS helped me "BUFF UP" my gaming setup! I am a PC building enthusiast. ( can you believe I almost set a PC on fire? Yeap… it was a faulty part, so "technically" it was not my fault, but still, I am scared with nightmares of setting my next PC build aflame. Luckily, I plan to do a water-cooled PC, so there should be no fires or smoke involved.) *fingers crossed* After having this experience with ASUS and SOAR Gaming, I feel there is no limit on what I can accomplish. Imagine how surprised I was getting a Twitter message from Mak asking if I could hop on a call to discuss a collaboration with them and ASUS!! I was scared ****less when I jumped on the call, and this is where I learned that pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is one of many ways to grow as a person and content creator...here comes another side story. Your girl struggles with anxiety, but I have learned that I never want it to hold me back from following my dreams. Yes, it's part of who I am, and I willingly accept it and talk about my struggles in hopes of inspiring others around me. Some other things I learned from this collaboration were time and content management, as well as the process of how partnerships like these work. Wooo, my resume grows!




As a designer, I constantly use Abode programs. I know how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, PremierPro, and Lightroom. I have over five years of experience with these programs.


Perks of being a streamer, I am my  tech support! I know how to use Streamlabs OBS. I also had to take on coding for some cool stream integrations!


I am a one-woman team! I handle all my socials, editing, and branding. (also, this website was done by yours truly!)


I am currently expanding my knowledge in SEO, marketing, and social media management through certifications.




Here is the video that brought you to my website! My 100 Thieves Intern Series consists of four videos. Not sure if you noticed but, I made the shirt myself!




Well, in all honesty, this opportunity makes me very happy! The way you are hiring Interns is so creative, and I love how easy it is for other people to apply! Posting videos as an application is unique and allows us creatives to express ourselves in a whole new way!



DIY Time!

Here is the process of how I made this 100T shirt! I know what apparel means to 100T, and I have always dreamt of having my appeal line. I have a small business on the side where I make custom-ordered shirts. I love Tie-Dye and experimenting with reflective vinyl. If you go on my TikTok page, you will find me wearing pullovers made by me. I love making custom anime merch as well. You can find me wearing on in this video! 



We made it!! FYI my first reaction to reading your Twitter DM was to cry of happiness. Thank you for choosing me to move forward! I promise I will not disappoint! Here is a photoshoot of the pullover I made for my Second #100TIntern TikTok video.



Second Phase of the Internship Application

Here is the video I made which I believe would preform well on the @100Thieves TikTok page. I used multiple trends and  and trending creators from 100T to create an ultimate guide. I also made the pull over myself.

IMG_7809 (1).HEIC




I look up to you in so many ways. You are such a kind soul, and you are giving many women a road to follow. Everything you have accomplished with your career is impressive and blows my mind. I hope you know that you are revolutionizing the gaming industry.



You got me through so many bad days. Your content and the person you are are unique. After school in high school, you were what I could home to watch to feel better. Thank you for being you!



It makes me so happy to see how much you have grown! I look up to how you defend yourself in all of your Valorant games. Valorant can be a toxic place for women, and I am so thankful that you are constantly standing up for yourself and us.



Hola, me encanta que tu contenido is in Spanish and English. I relate to you as my parents are immigrants too. Growing up as a first-gen in the U.S. can be hard at times, with no one there to guide you. But seeing you succeed makes me know that  I can too. Thank you for being an inspiration.



You are a literal GOD at Valorant, and I look up to all the cheeky shots you hit! And how hard working you are.



I look up to your story, where you come from, and what you have built. Your dreams were always so big and you have been able to accomplish so many.

Screenshot 2021-08-21 213459.jpg


All of you are amazing in your own way. You should all be proud of your life and know that you touch many people's lives, mine included. Thank you for the awesome content and times!


Thank you for checking out my website! It means the world to me! I can't wait to hear back from you. Do not forget to follow me on my socials. Have a lovely day!